Shopping Locally is the Best Way to Support YOUR Community!

Written by: Jenn Wohlgamuth, Mojo Running & Multisport


Being the owner of a Running Specialty store is a dream come true!  I am so lucky that I can go to work every day and enjoy what I love……running shoes, apparel, fitting people into the proper shoes and most importantly having an influence on their goals.  I have been running for over twenty years and when I started I went to a Second Sole in Ohio to be fitted “properly”.  As my running has evolved so have my shoes and not once over those twenty years have I ever purchased a pair of running shoes on line.  For me, I liked the personal experience that the running store gave me.  The feeling of community, the people in the shop motivating me to experience  running to its fullest, new colors, textures and most importantly the store owner actually “caring” about me and not just my credit card number and address for UPS!


When I opened my own shop here in Seven Fields, I wanted to bring my experience to our community.  Every day I strive to make everyone who walks into our door feel like this is their shop, providing them with amazing personal service, great products that are reflective of what is new and exciting in our channel, colors, textures, motivation and most importantly…a reason to come back! When shoppers purchase on line they are losing this experience and they are literally taking money right out of their communities.  Our prices are reflective of the manufacturer’s suggested retail and we stand behind all of the products sold in our shop.  This is true of all Local Independent Retailers! Think about this next time you are torn between shopping online and shopping local…


By Shopping at Your Local Independent Retailer here is what you will do:


  1. YOU KEEP DOLLARS IN THE COMMUNITY: For every $100 you spend at one of your local independent businesses, $68.00 will stay in your community.  You are employing local people and thus keeping more dollars in your community.
  2. YOU HELP THE ENVIRONMENT: Buying from a local independent business conserves energy and resources like less fuel and less materials for packaging.
  3. YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR EXPERTISE: As friends and neighbors we have a vested interest in knowing how to serve you.  We are passionate about what we do.  Why not take advantage of it?
  4. YOU MAKE US A DESTINATION: The more interesting and unique we are as a community, the more we will attract new neighbors, visitors and guests.  This benefits everyone!
  5. LOCAL BUSINESSES…GIVE BACK: Local Independent Businesses give back to their communities by supporting charitable causes….every day!


As a small business owner it is so important to the vitality of our shop that our community supports us and by doing so you, the customer, will have the satisfaction of knowing that we are “YOUR” Running Shop.  If you are already a part of our shop then “THANK YOU” for your continued support, if you haven’t been in then I must ask you…..What are you waiting for?! Stop in, check us out and make sure that you shop Local Independent Businesses whenever you can!