Robyn Stewart


Run Coach and Master of Mojo Graphics

Hi my name is Robyn, I'm a graphic designer/runner enthusiast and my journey actually starts with my mom. She started running local 5ks and she got me to a do a few with her.  Even though I was super slow, doing run/walks and sometimes close to the last one to finish, I absolutely loved the atmosphere and community. So on August 19, 2010, after participating in a few races I decided to trade my pack of cigarettes for a pair of running shoes and never looked back. I built up to actually running an entire 5k and a in December of 2010 I decided to sign up for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon – May  2011. This is about the time I discovered the fantastic crazy community that is Mojo and my life has been forever changed. Since then I've ran 14 Half Marathons and many other distance races. I've learned a lot about myself during this journey and I've made countless friends and memories.

Aside from doing freelance design work for the shop, I started helping out with the C25K programs. Which is something I found I really enjoyed.I love that everyone starts their journey for their own reasons, but we all end up at the same finish line.